What's Next?

Written on October 4, 2021

Well, it’s been a record gap between posts. Clearly I haven’t been posting at the cadence I was hoping to achieve, but it seems to be the norm amongst aspiring blog writers with that initial spark of motivation… life starts to get in the way, days turn to weeks, which turn to months, and not a blog post in sight; I get that now.

Compared my first blog post written all the way back in December 2020, there have certainly been some major changes in the Life of G. One of the changes I hope will happen will be this… regular blog posts.

What will they be about? Technology, life, career, direction, anything interesting… who knows? One of my aims is to make sure I try to create just as much, or perhaps even more content than I consume. I came across this Hacker News thread which discussed the article Consuming Less and Creating More.

I noticed that my patterns and habits over the last few months were focused around consumption tasks, whether it be study, reading books or watching videos, without any resulting application or practice of this new knowledge. Sure, it gives me the warm tinglies to know that I’m working on something ‘productive’, but what use is study that you’re never going to use it? Is it really ‘productive’ in a sense? Am I getting something out of it?

I find writing is a fantastic outlet for me to channel my thoughts, feelings, enthusiasm and doubts, and to reflect and improve along the journey. However, the habit has been ultimately lost for the better part of a decade, so the goal now is to write to get the reps in. Just like when you’re starting a new workout, the focus for the beginner is simply getting in practice, getting your body accustomed to new movements, and incorporating new habits that stick. Quality, technique, and results will come in time, but for now lets stick with the basics.

This blog will document my career and life journey, and will help me to review, reflect and interpret new concepts I learn along the way.

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