Building Up a Web Presence

Written on December 27, 2020

Wow, talk about a quick turnaround! I’ve been off and on a bit trying to build a bit of a profile for myself, consisting of a certain blog that you’re reading, but also linking in my LinkedIn profile (geddit?), Facebook, YouTube, GitHub, Twitter etc.

I’ve managed to create a simple and easy to use blog with Github pages, despite very little knowledge and experience with blog development and site maintenance. It covers all the things I’m looking for when it comes a blogging platform: it’s lightning fast, minimalist, responsive, and is easy to set up and start publishing. The biggest requirement is affordability, and so far the only costs have been for the domain name and email, which are completely optional.

I’m stoked with the progress I’ve made so far. I’ll be sure do a deeper dive on how this blog started, and why I’ve chosen GitHub Pages over other blog providers. I’m sure it’s been a subject that has been covered to death by many blogs and articles, but if someone else has similar requirements to my own, then fantastic, you’ve come to the right place!

Stay tuned for that one!

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